Friday, January 8, 2010

The Two Sides of the Abortion Debate

Why you should be pro-life:

  • Because they are going to heaven and god is on their side.

  • Because they’ve got witty mascots like Judy The Talking Embryo, who demonstrates how intelligent pro-lifers are, since she can talk already. Judy only asks to get out of there alive! But the bad, bad, pro-choicers want to kill her with a scary hunting knife! And you don’t want to be one of them, do you?

  • Because it will make you feel noble and important.

  • Because you might have never been born if abortion was wide-spread. Oh, also if you’re parents fought and didn’t do it that night. Or if you were miscarried. Or if your parents hadn’t met. But assuring that every child that can be born is absolutely not aborted is necessary, god says so!

  • Because they have yummy cookies!

  • Because what are you going to be otherwise, pro-death?

Why you should be pro-choice:

  • Because what each individual woman does with her body is none of your damn business.

  • Because the world is already too full of idiots (also called human beings), so what’s the point?

  • Because women who need abortions are going to get them, legally or not.

  • Because then you have the chance to call pro-lifers bigots, and feel yourself liberal and important.

  • Because then, instead of saving Judy, you may go around saying that “prevention is better than cure”  and  preventing unwanted pregnancy. Theorically you could do both, although most pro-lifers don’t, so this point is really pointless (did ya get how clever I was there?)

   • Because if you’re a woman, you may prefer it if people have a slight respect for you, at least more than they have for an incubator.

  • Because I say so.

  • Because we have better cookies!


  1. This is a good debate. And an on-going one between two very strong parties. In the past, I've had to have an abortion; for two reasons. The first was because the guy was going to run out on me. The second was because if I continued on, my baby would never have left the hospital alive. The doctors would have never let me near it, named it, written it up as a baby or anything; just given me a death certificate and then sent me home six weeks later after its organs and brain had failed.

    You see, I have 0 Negative Blood Group; and I must have my injections before having a baby. If I don't, the above happens. Or I have a child with a severe disability walking around (I've met a lady who didn't have her injections and her child is severely disabled; I just think it's horrible she let her live).

    So, don't hate me for aborting my child; I did it for the right reasons. Now, however, I'm too old to have a child... but that's another story for another time.

  2. And by the way! You've won an award because of your blog and your way of thinking. It's mature, forward-thinking and makes people think.

    It's at 'My Reading List' for you.


  3. We have better cookies..hmm wonder what dise your on?

    Pro-lifers dont seem to think things through. There were a few cases where A) the woman was a partier (drinking/drugs/shit like that) and didnt know she was prego. Found out about 3-4 months into it (of course she had continued her lifestyle. How do you think the baby would have turned out?)
    B) Said person was rapped. Would you like a constant reminder of that horrible night(s)
    C) It was a child. A small child who, if she had gone through with the pregnancy, it would have had a massive toll on her body (I think the poor dear was 9 or 10).

    And there are plenty of other legit reasons why women should be allowed to get an abortion.
    Im not much of a fan of using an abortion as a "well crap, the condom broke" back-up. But it is HER body and she should be able to do with it as SHE pleases (not as someone else pleases)

  4. Okay, well let's say you didn't want the child, and you were broke, you were rapped, all that stuff you guys have said above. None of you ever mentioned adoption. If you don't want that baby why not give it to someone who could actually take care of it, or someone who doesn't know you were rapped. Give it to a family who would actually love it, unlike the ones who just get rid of their problems.