Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ranting Teenager is sorry for having been away so long

Ok, I had no better idea for a title. However, I am sorry. I've known about my inconstance since first grade, but unfortunately I am still ignoring it with all my might, thus starting things like blogs even though I should know that it is absolutely not what I should do.
Well, at least I'm trying.

And from today I will be constant. For real. I've used my sister's book of fairy spells and she says it works, so I am now absolutely super-constant!

And I have written a book! Ok, so it sucks. It doesn't have a plot, the characters are under-developed, and it contains nothing but a bunch of teen angst, but hey, it's a first novel, it isn't supposed to be good! (Or is it?)

So, posting is resumed!