Saturday, December 5, 2009

Got raped? Blame yourself, slut!

Ask Amy, from the Chicago tribune, has decided to happily join the victim blaming squad.
That's the letter she received:
 "Dear Amy: I recently attended a frat party, got drunk and made some bad decisions.

I let a guy take me to "his" room because he promised that he wouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with.

Many times, I clearly said I didn't want to have sex, and he promised to my face that he wouldn't.

Then he quickly proceeded to go against what he "promised." I was shocked, and maybe being intoxicated made my reaction time a bit slow in realizing what was happening.

We were soon kicked out of the room by the guy who lived there, who was pretty angry.
          I guess my question is, if I wasn't kicking and fighting him off, is it still rape?

          I feel like calling it that is a bit extreme, but I haven't felt the same since it happened.
Am I a victim?"

What do you say?  Is a person who has been forced to have a sexual activity, which she has clearly said she didn't want to have, while drunk, a victim?

I would think she is, but in reality, she's just a stupid slut who doesn't know that you can't go around getting drunk at parties and then expect to not get raped.
 Snippet from Amy's answer:
"Were you a victim? Yes.
First, you were a victim of your own awful judgment. Getting drunk at a frat house is a hazardous choice for anyone to make because of the risk (some might say a likelihood) that you will engage in unwise or unwanted sexual contact.
        You don't say whether the guy was also drunk. If so, his judgment was also impaired."

Sure, the poor guy. He was probably drunk, see? You don't want to go around ruining his life and charging him of rape, when his judgment was impaired!

Girls who deserve to get raped

The fact is, whether he was drunk or not makes  no difference. If you kill a person while drunk, you are an assassin. If you steal while drunk, you are a thief. If you rape while drunk, you are a rapist!

People seem to have a really difficult time deciding what's rape and what's not. Although the thing is really simple: rape is a non-consensual sexual activity.

If you are raped, it's the rapist's fault, not yours. That's victim blaming. That's stupid.
The fact that you looked good/were drunk/flirted  etc. doesn't mean it's your fault.

Blaming a victim for the fact that she/he was raped, is much like saying a victim of murder looked too unhappy with life, so it was her/his fault if an assasin killed him/her.

Episodes of victim blaming are common everywhere across the world. Like that judge here in Italy who decided that a child rapist who had abused his step-daughter, shouldn't stay too long in prison, as the girl had already had previous sexual experiences.
As Echidne of the Snakes said, that's like saying ramming food down your throat witha great wooden stick is less painful if you have already eaten before.

The whole situation is ridiculous. I have else to say on the subject.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quote of the week: I don't know

"I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said I don't know."
                                                          -Mark Twain

There are a lots of things I don't know in the world. For example, I don't know the chemical composition of natural gas, and I don't know dates of important historical event (but I do know the start of the second world war! It's 1939! I know, I'm a genius.)

Other things I don't know have a more phylosophical nature, I think. Here is a list of questions I don't know how to answer (my hypothesis may be included):

1.Why is it considered empowering and intellingent for a girl to do traditionally "boys' stuff" while it's humiliating for a boy to do more traditionally "girls'stuff?

Wait, maybe I do know this one. Because of course the boy is the superior model, so a girl who reaches a boys' level is considered a good thing, while obviously no male would want to recede to  the inferior being that is a woman. Anyway, it's ridiculous. Gender roles are ridiculous as a whole, so of course anything that comes from them can't do much good. It's unfair to expect a person to conform to a set of things they must do, like, think, watch...based on whether they have a penis or a vulva.

2.Why do people think today more or less in the same way they did 100 years ago-with the only difference that now they generally exclude themselves from the category that is considered "bad", thus creating popular phrases like "I'm not a racist, but (insert racist statement)"?

Ummm, maybe the human brain really doesn't develop much across times. I suppose now we have the added skill of being able to sit for hours doing nothing and experience reduced butt-pain. Also, we understand more about technology and stuff, but these things don't really need to change your way of thinking. Once you get over the shock of discovering your monkey heritage, that is.

3.I can't quiet get this, does the Maya calendar count the years same as us? I mean, from the birth of Christ? Shouldn't their 2012 be different from ours?

I don't know *scratch head* . I should do my research. Then I'll inform you.

4.Why do teachers experience immense glee in assigning as much homework to poor students as humanly possible?

Ah, they teach this method at a special secret evelness course for teachers. They learn a lot of interesting stuff at this class, like how to have an evil smile and slow time.

   5.How do we manage to live in a world pratically based on the little crazy doings of casuality?

Isn't it strange.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cute male models

Today I was web-surfing and I casually stumbled on this site, which is full of naked cute male models and dressed female ones.
You can go check out the pictures if you want. Definitely not safe for work, or school, or parents.

Anyway, as you have probably noticed, this is an exception to the rule. The naked woman and dressed man is the standard.
Oh, and the guys in this service all look sad or striken, while usually naked women are all smiley and oh-so-happy to be at your service. Which is kind of strange if you ask me.

The girl in the photos has a kind of striken look too. Well, I could barely glace at her, really, so I hardly care about her expression. :p

What do you think about this kind of stuff. Do you think it helps even things up, or it's just objectifyng cute male models?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Flesh-colored gown

From Sociological Images

Her dress is obviously flesh-coloured, right?

"First lady Michelle Obama chose to wear a gleaming silver-sequined, flesh-colored gown Tuesday night to the first state dinner held by her husband's administration. "

Samantha Critchell from Associated Press has written an article about the American first lady's dress choices, in which she describes her gown as "flesh-colored". Hmmm, somehow I don't think Michelle's skin looks very much like the dress. I would think a brown dress should be her flesh-colored.

This is nothing particularly new. White has always been assumed as the neutral. Just try to imagine a movie containing only minority people. Now imagine one with only white people.
See the difference?

The thing doesn't only go with race, of course. The straight white guy is always the default. In anything. Anywhere.
Because male, white and straight is normal. White straight guys are always seen as individuals, not just part of a group. On the other hand, a woman is first of all a woman, then a person.
Even facebook default avatars follow this standard.


Bad cruel Latin

Despite attending a scientific high school-which generally means you kinda have to focus on scientific topics-I have spent the week-end studying my much loved (not) Latin lessons and Grammar stuff. *aaaargh!*

I believe that Latin lessons should be banned completely from schools.
It's a dead language, and the lessons don't include a "talking to the long-dead" part, so it's simply completely useless. I don't see why I should spend my weekend declining words (and what kind of stupid language declines words anyway?) when I could be doing interesting and useful stuff like...well, something.

Typical student faced with latin book.

Anyway, today I feel like dedicating this absolutely wonderful song to...umm, a lot of people. Enjoy Lilly Allen's genius.