Friday, November 13, 2009

Mysoginist TV

There is a very popular program that goes on every night at nine o' clock and which my little sister loves. That is not good news to me. See what kind of thing goes on every ten minutes:

Another much loved, much watched program:

Or this:

Children are watching 9 p.m. They may just as well put on a porn movie and get done with it.

I'm sick and tired of women being potraied only as stupid sex dolls, only as objects of desire, never as the ones who desire theselves. It's always the same stereotype: male guy wearing elegant-but-casual clothes and near naked female. Always. I'd rather not see any of this at all on a quiz show, but not even one half-naked guy, huh? What about my sexual desire? Doesn't it have to be satisfied?
Talk about inequality.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fairytale Remake: Snow White

Ok, today is Snow White’s turn to be re-made!


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Snow White whose mother was dead (just for a change, you know.)

She lived happily with her father in a great beautiful castle, until the day he decided to get re-married.

The stepmother  she got was old and no longer beautiful, unlike Snow White who was young and still beautiful.

So the stepmother hated Snow White, because she had been taught to think that a woman’s greatest asset was beauty, and that all women where to be judged on solely that. Snow White’s beauty scared her, and since she probably suffered from some borderline personality disorder, she decided to kill her.

However, being a good and proper lady who will not manually undertake violent action, she sent another man-a hunter- to do the dirty work for her. For some reason, she also demanded that he bring her Snow White’s heart. (What did I say? Borderline personality disorder.)

But when the hunter went to kill Snow White, he found her rolling various objects down a hill. When he approached her, she showed him what she was studying, and how, and told him that she hoped to win the nobel prize in physics some day. He was fascinated by the subject., so he decided not to kill her, and gave the weird step-mother a lamb’s heart instead.

Snow White decided to ran away for safety, so she went into the woods where she met seven short and grumpy bachelors, the so-called dwarfs.

At first the dwarfs didn’t want to keep her, but once she learned that they worked in diamond mines she showed them how they could get diamonds in better and faster ways. Thankful for the help, they allowed her to stay with them and pay for food and lodging by working in the mines.

But one day the stepmother learned that Snow White wasn’t actually dead. No, it wasn’t that good daddy was worried and found her, he didn’t notice her disappearance, apparently. She found out through her magic mirror, which she had modified do that it could show her everything but herself, because she had self-image issues, as we know.

So the wicked stepmother decided to go kill Snow White herself ,by wearing a witch Halloween costume and giving Snow White a poisoned apple.

So Snow White fell in an enchanted sleep, from which she awakened with extreme annoyance in order to slap a prince who kissed her while unconscious.

Then she left the dwarves and went into the big city, where she decided to look for a better future and keep protecting herself from the stepmother until she died of old age.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Stupid=Popular

I don't know if it is so everywhere, but where I live, stupid means popular.
I have never understood why, when people see you have a brain (incredible!), you immediatly lose whatever chance you had at friendship. With most people, anyway.
In a school enviroment, being smart means you are a nerd. Outside, it means you are boring.

I have some thesis on why that may be:

Thesis number 1: If you are stupid, other people feel exceptionally smart around you. They will spend time with you feeling good about themselves and the greatness of their brains, which makes them like you.
If, on the other hand, you are more intelligent than them, they will feel self-conscious and stupid, which makes you unpopular.

Thesis number 2: If you really are smart, you probably won't be very interested in Paris Hilton's new look. Not finding  in you a shrieking partener, people won't like you.

Thesis number 3: When you hear what stupid subjects some people talk about all the time, you-a smart person-distance yourself from them because of your lack of interest in said subjects. This makes you unpopular.

Thesis number 4: Smart people are actually boring.

Thesis number 5: I have no idea. It's probably part of the contorted human nature. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And here I rave about bookcrossing

About two years ago I discovered one of the best websites on the net: the amazing bookcrossing!
In case you don't already know about it, I warn you: if you love books, bookcrossing is dangerously addictive. Almost as much as sudokus.

Bookcrossing is, according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.
Practically, you "release" a book leaving it anywhere you want (on statues, hanging on trees, a seat at the dentist's...wherever.), and wait for someone to find it.
The person who finds it, will then (hopefully) make a journal entry on the website, and release the book again if they wish.

Of course, if you prefer a less risky method, you can give the book to someone you know, or send it to someone else on bookcrossing.

I could describe everything here, but the FAQs on the bookcrossing website are much better than anything I could do.
You should really check it out, it's fabulous!

P.S. Do I repeat the word "bookcrossing" too often? I don't have any synonyms. 

And, Especially, She Is Pretty.

Today I was watching the news. That is not a good idea if you don't want to get mad at the world.
Here are the charming "news" you get on Italia1, the most popular channel in Italy:

1.Female tennis player wins tennis match! Great victory for feminists worldwide. She has a wonderful butt! (Close up to her butt). Look what a physique! (Shot of her in bikini.) (Shot of her in bikini) (close up to her breasts) (close up to her butt.) Yes, she is beautiful.

2.Future Miss Universe contestant is an army officer. (Shot of her wearing an army suit.) Beautiful and tough. (Shot of her in bikini) Prefer her in bikini? We understand you. (Male gaze, anyone?).Let's just hope the job doesn't spoil her...we want her good for the contest!

3.Flu! The new epidemy! (Scary horror movie music) The deaths in Italy....(TUM!) Toscana: -number (TUM!) Sicilia: -number etc. etc.

4.New edition of famous reality show "Big Brother"! Truly hot moments....don't miss it!

5.Interview with celebrity.

6.Story of a crime, with all the suspensful music and horror movie-like effects.

I was just wondering about the economy and stuff, but you know, all people care about is sex and blood, right?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fairytale Remake: Cinderella

We all know (I hope) everything's that's wrong in fairytales. I mean western fairytales with female leads here. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and company?
Well, I thought it would be fun to re-write them in a way that you, dear readers, will be able to tell your daughters without pratically teaching them that the whole purpose of their lives is waiting for their prince and being pretty.

So, today's story is:

Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella who was very smart, clever and funny. One day her mother died and her father married a wicked stepmother who had two daughters of her own. The step-mother and her daughters were jealous of Cinderella and her brain. They made her work all the time in the humblest of jobs, treated her badly and humiliated her in every possible way.
At first Cinderella tried to bear it all, but then she just couldn't take it anymore. Being old enough to marry, she decided to leave her father's house and start working.
She worked at a baker's, and soon became so good that she bought a baker shop all of her own. She earned so much on that shop, that she was able to open another shop, and another one yet, until she created a chain as great and famous as McDonald's.
In all that time she met many good people who became her friends, and together with them she had a lot of fun.
So she lived happily ever after.

Sexist gym.

Today is Monday, which means back to school for yet another tiresome week (sigh). It also means two wholen gym periods...(double sigh).

We have separate gyms for boys and girls at my school (and every other school in this town, except the Catholic one , because it wants to prove its modernization. And besides, it doesn't have space for another gym.)
We have been given a good explanation for that. You see, they wouldn't want those delicate little girls to hold back the strong manly guys, would they? And besides, being always confronted with people better than them, the girls might lose their self esteem! Everyone knows they already have confidence issues anyway.
Also, the guy's gym stinks, because, you know, boys aren't capable of keeping spaces clean. And girls would be disgusted by such manly displays of non-hygenic habits.

But what really bothers me are the tools contained in the different gyms. Being completely incapable of dancing, I couldn't care less about an all-round surround sound sistem (yeah, I like listening to the music, but it stops there).
Guess what the boys have instead of the music? A climbing wall. Three climbing walls, actually: a strange ropey one, a tall one, and the Very Difficult one. Did I mention I love climbing? Nah, can't be, I'm a girl. Girls don't climb, they don't like to run, they don't want to get dirty or sweaty and ruin their hair/make-up/perfect outfit. Except if they're lesbians, of course.
And obviously boys don't want to do something as girlish as dancing. Duh, of course not! They only dance if forced by those cruel, cruel girls.

This really frustates me, you know. Also considering that a great many of my friends are guys, and most of my, um...non-friends? are girls.

Add this to the reasons I hate school, please.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Ranting Introduction.

Um, hello. I would really like my first post to be incredibly deep, charming, catching, witty, philosophic and everything, but I don't know how to write introductions. This doesn't mean you have to leave this blog! I am sure you don't want to miss the rants of a teenager.
Ok, let's start.

I am an acne-prone, curly haired teenage girl (oh yes, despite all the respectable men claiming otherwise, female bloggers DO exist. Incredible, really) who rants on her blog when she should be doing her homework.
My hobbies are: eating chocolate, studying at the last minute, doing useless stuff and ranting about the ills of society. I also like reading books and watching movies in order to critically analyze them. That bothers  some of my friends, so I sometimes have to avoid this engaging activity.
I worship truffles, and I firmly believe they are the reason god/goddess/atom/non-existing being/whatever created Earth. He/she/it/nothing needed someplace for it to grow.

Because daily life often doesn't give me enough time and opportunities to properly rant. Also, my friends and family aren't always interested in how gender roles are represented in the media (weird, I know). So I am assuming you are indeed very interested in hearing about such things.

Read this blog, follow it, link to it, tell your friends about it, click on advertisments and donate. I know, I am shamelessly self-advertising.