Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ranting Teenager is sorry for having been away so long

Ok, I had no better idea for a title. However, I am sorry. I've known about my inconstance since first grade, but unfortunately I am still ignoring it with all my might, thus starting things like blogs even though I should know that it is absolutely not what I should do.
Well, at least I'm trying.

And from today I will be constant. For real. I've used my sister's book of fairy spells and she says it works, so I am now absolutely super-constant!

And I have written a book! Ok, so it sucks. It doesn't have a plot, the characters are under-developed, and it contains nothing but a bunch of teen angst, but hey, it's a first novel, it isn't supposed to be good! (Or is it?)

So, posting is resumed!


  1. Welcome back! Good to see you back on the blogs again!

    I remember my first book and it was pretty bad too. But when I'm in doubt of my work now, I go back and look at my first book and it reminds me that I have come a long way and am better at what I do now than what I did then. If you think you can do better than what you've written, keep going and write another book. Keep fleshing out the characters, make the plots interesting (or not; sometimes it's the mundane that pulls in the readers) and keep the dialogue real and uncomplicated. If you can't read it out aloud without stumbling over it, it's written wrong... remember the rule: KISS (keep it simple silly) and you'll be okay.

  2. don't feel bad. the best of us have been known to take a sudden hiatus from blogging (like yours turly--but i'm BACK now!). it's the cool thing to do these days, apparently. all of my old blog buddies have disappeared! nice to see that you're still here! and i'm very jealous that you have tinkering on a book project. VERY jealous. you'll have to share some more about it with us, and inspire/motivate people like me who need the push to finish things that they start! later, my love.

  3. Hey I have the same blog name you should check mine out lol

  4. Great, we have missed you!

  5. my blog is alot like this one and if you wouldnt mind checking it out that would be great. im just starting out.

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