Wednesday, December 23, 2009

About Christmas

Many would argue that Christmas is actually just a demonstration of the consumism that permeates our society. I agree. But it is fun, and it is nice to have two weeks off from school!
So I say, hooray to Christmas!

What I want for Christmas:

1.A mini-car/motorcycle/both

2.YOU! (I mean, not, you, the reader, you you)

3.Money…urgently needed

4.Lily Allen’s new CD (and no, not from E-Mule)

5.Two skateboards! My best friend & I must absolutely learn.

6.Become suddenly able to speak Latin perfectly

7.To pass the technical drawing test!

8.To enter school at 12 am and leave at 1

9.To go on holiday somewhere with my friends this summer

10.Ummm, I guess that’s all.

Why I like Christmas:

1.Because I can sleep ‘till late for two weeks

2.Because I receive gifts, even though not really what I want (see above)

3.Because people keep thanking me for the gifts they receive. And YOU hugged me!

4.Because I can eat a lot of YUMMY things-but I do that all the time, so not really.

5.Did I mention I can sleep ‘till late?

Why I hate Christmas:

1.Because I can’t buy gifts for free.

2.Because my money is never enough to buy the non-free gifts.

3.Because if I don’t go to school how can I talk to YOU? I can’t even see You!

4.Because my mobile can never send enough texts. My credit lasts even less than usual! Which is very bad, because neither my mother nor I have enough money left to re-charge it. And she gets mad.

5.Because it’s really a senseless holiday.

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