Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marital rating scale

From The Art of Manliness, a website which seeks to bring back the "art" of traditional manliness. I really don't get the art part though.

Ever wondered how to properly rate a wife? We got the answer with our amazing wife rating chart!

And a husband one too! Has he forgotten to give you your allowance? Demerit!

Always love some good ol' vintage sexism!


  1. This is the best rant ever!
    <-- Might have to pay him a visit, rain pain and suffering down on his house :D

  2. Did you read the article? At first glance I thought "what the @^$*# is wrong with them?!" But then I read the article.
    Now I am in NO WAY saying this is a good site, since Ive only read that one article (lets just make that clear)
    But all the artcle said (after MAKING FUN OF those marital rating scales) was that some "feminists" are really hypocrites. And that If men are going to start dressing up/taking better care of themselves, cooking and cleaning, helping out with the family, ect that women should too. Instead of just yelling "sexist" because someone told her to take care of her kids or herself. Sometimes when people say those things they ARE NDEED being a sexist Ahole. But othertimes (when woman slouch around and go out in a hoodie and pj pants or are too busy with work/themselves they forget to give attention to their children (just follwoing the first example I gave) those are justified reasons.

    I myself am a feminist. I call people out on their sexism, I stand up and call out (when needed) for what I believe and I have no problem knocking out a guy who tries something with me that I dont like.
    But I also love cooking, I love wearing old fashion 50s aprons whilst I do it. I cant stand a messy kitchen (though living room and bed room I dont care lol) and I am affectionate too small children and animals.

    Do those things (despite my other actions which would label me a "b*tch" to some) make me less of a feminist? or sexist towards women?

    Just because women need to be equal dosnt mean we should stop caring about our hygeine, or losing our nurturing sides (like the sexit men we fight so hard against). But if we really expect men to take care of themselves, join in with work and become femenists also we cannot yell SEXIST at them when they expect the same of us.

    Femeninsm is about equality, not about going back to the 50s (but with a switch of the male and female role)