Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daisy blogging

Today I'm taking a break from ranting...enjoy this photo of Daisy, my cat!

She's protecting the toys. It bothers her if somebody takes something.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the ranting contests! See two posts below.


  1. Ranting teenager - you keep commenting on my blog and I have no idea who you are. My blog is designed for my friends to keep up with my family. If you would like to tell me who you are (including name and location) and what your interest in my blog is, I may publish your comments. But in scanning through your blog, you don't represent any of the demographic groups that I normally associate with or that usually read my blog. If you care to elaborate on who you are or why you want to follow me, I would appreciate that.

  2. *meows* at kitty =(^.^)=

    One of my kitties does that....with my bras(they smell like me)only he uses the water/food dish.

    "MY territory" saz kitty

  3. Hey, no problem. Feel free to read my blog. I don't mind. It's just weird to have someone outside the adoption world stop in and read. You never know about people these days! Glad you enjoy it. :)