Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Disney Princes

Image from sociological images
That Disney princesses and all the glamour and hype surrounding them can beharmful for girls has been much discussed and much debated. What I haven't heard a lot about, though, are the disney princes.
Maybe that's because the princess movies aren't really targeted to boys, and if a boy was watching them he would mosty likely idenify with the princess anyway, since she's the protagonist.
But, if you take a look at the  Disnet prince's characters, well, they're even more empty than the Princesses. Except thay save instead of baing saved.
Have a look:

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1 comment:

  1. Meh they are using a male stereotype, to combat a male stereotype :D :D :D

    Artists and Musicians, rarely are they rich, but rarely are they hurting for dates.

    And boys really do have to be charming. Charming is an antiquated word, today we call it personable. If a guy isn't personable, why would I hang out with,let alone date, him?

    As for cute . Gah that's self-evident, I like cute guy (I like cute girls too), and guys like cute girls.

    It's been like that from the beginning, and will continue as long as humans walk the earth.