Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my birthday! Now I'm fourteen years old! *slap back approvingly for maturity and experience achieved at this great age*

Today I'm doing the sweet all things-I -have-done post which I should be reserving for New Year's eve. Here:

3 Fun Moments of When I was 13

1. When I was graffiti-ing with my friends on Saturday night (well, evening, actually) and we were afraid we'd get caught. It was all crowded and we were searching for a solitary place. We found it. So I took the spray and started drawing my first graffiti (which, by the way, looked horrible). Then suddenly my friend looked up, and cried: "You idiot! We're in front of the police station!" And so we were running and laughing and running and laughing and shouting and laughing some more. My friend had gotten all afraid and was planning all our future as jeuvenile delinquents. And then we laughed more. We graffitied somewhere else afterwards, but the place was so isolated we haven’t managed to find it again.. And we didn’t get caught. =)

2. When I got 8 out of 10 on the geography test even though I hadn’t studied a thing. I hadn’t even opened the book. And I got them all right! Eight is the maximum. I am a genius.

3. The trip to Sicily! Oh, those four days I laughed enough to last me my whole life, I think. But I guess not. I must have slept like six hours at the most, all nights put together. We spent the night being idiots. And the days too. There was an incredibly strong wind and we could hardly manage to stand, then the music and the jumping on beds and buying friendship bracelets and having a nutella party and listening to music and singing and jumping and driving the supervisor crazy…and all the cute guys!

And this year I’ve also had my exams-the oral ones were actually kind of fun…I mean, I had studied for days for that test, it was good to just talk and talk and know you’re saying it right!

And I’ve started this blog! That’s something, considering that about one year ago I didn’t even know what a blog is…I’ve discovered a great deal of things in these 364 days, if I think about it.

Yes, all in all it’s been a good year. Except for some ugly moments, it’s been good.

What I want from this year

1. Think less, do more

2. Have fun!

3. Have fun!

4. Have fun!

5. Do something useful if possible…otherwise-have fun!

Shouldn’t be too hard to reach my goals.


  1. Happy Birthday =(^.^)=

    And you 14? Geesh, I would of guessed 16-17

  2. I never knew you were so young! The way you write is very mature! :)