Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feminist Debate in Class (Or where I brag about my genius)

Yesterday hell broke loose in class. The teacher had assigned a creative writing project about women's rights today. Most kids wrote about islamic countries, poligamy, veils and stuff.
I did a four page times new roman size 12 essay, in which I talked about women's situation in the Western world. Strangely, people actually listened while I was reading it. That alone I would have considered an accomplishment, but it turns out both the teacher and the students had something to say about it.

So, most girls agreed and said, with great vehemence, that the way things are now isn't fair. The majority of the boys did too...although a couple argued that it's innate differences and girls have their privileges too etc.

Well, the point is that it's really pleasant to see people intensely arguing over something I have said. The teacher was really striken. I don't think she had ever thought about this stuff. Neither had most of the students. In fact, people continued talking about it even after school.

All in all, I'm very satisfied.  I don't think we'd ever had debates at school that varied much from who's hotter than who.
Now everybody calls me "The Feminist". Not that I mind, since before I was called "Zappy."


  1. Zappy? lol

    So what did you imclude in your paper? I mean, what was it exactly that you wrote about that got everyone to speak up?
    Come on now, dont leave us in the dark.

  2. I agree with mvibes, share with us some of your genius contribution to feminism.

  3. You should post it even if it is in Italian. Between Google Translate and the other romantic languages I know I should be able to make it out.