Monday, January 11, 2010

Watching the news

Here's what services news stations felt they had to do today:

1.(Reality show partecipant's name) has suceeed where most of us keep failing: losing weight during the hoidays. You may remember her as the nice fat one from "The Big Brother", but she's so no longer. (Various shots of her stick-thin in bikini). We will now talk to her and discover her secret:
Scantily clad girl: Oh, I'm an expert now. Eat fruit and vegetables, no sweets, a little carbohydrates. It works! Well, I'm so hungry I could eat a table, but it doesn't matter. Now I'm HOT. I'm showing them all what I can be!"

2. Sexy gradma! 80 years old lady in little northern town is very mucg not your typical old lady. She has been sending erotic messages to her 40 year old neighbour for months, and undressing in front of the window *laughs*. She's a very eccentric lady. Her last act was to enter his house, jump on him and have sex. Evidently not happy, the neigbour called the police.

3. Be sure to watch our brand new program, where we pair the most unlikey couples! (Women talks about how wonderful the program is going to be.)

Well, evidently there's not much going on in the world, huh?
Also notice that in Service2 very real stalking and rape were reported as funny. Reverse the sexes of the neighbour and the old one and see what would happen.

1 comment:

  1. -_- They laughed? Seriously? If it had been the old lady getting raped it would have been a horrible thing. That poor 40 year old.

    I remember when a 20 year old (male) was raped by a girl he went out with. NO ONE took him seriously when he reported it. And I cannot count how many guys (and some girls) at my school were laughing about it and saying things like "haha I wish some hot chick would 'rape' me"

    On a slightly lighter note: Did that chick really say "I'm so hungry......but it dosnt matter. Now I'm HOT."?