Thursday, February 4, 2010

Analyzing school books (kind of)

Because I had nothing better to do (well, nothing other than Latin anyway), today I started taking photos of my school books. I got somewhat interesting results.

Here is the cover

Welll, a the other way round cover, but anyway.
Notice that, strangely, they are all girls. Girls are being used to represent the world's population as a whole! That is indeed good.
I guess they are also trying to convey diversity, both cultural and racial, as in a white girl with a veil and one without, a black girl with a veil and one without. Maybe they're all girls because boys don't wear veils?


Now, while most figures looked something like this (i.e.male):
I was surprised to see stuff like this too:

Which made me smile.
I then counted the female figures and the male ones. 28 males, and 6 females. 5 had both.

There were only 6 photos of girls.

The grammar one has a girl on the cover. With a computer.
All in all, pretty good. =)

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