Saturday, February 6, 2010

What makes me hate all-girl times.

"My boobs are too small. They're hateful"
"Mine are so disgusting! They are just do HUGE! Ewww!"
"I have to shave my legs again..they always have these stupid black points.."
"My hair can't be kept in place for two's so messy! I hate it!"
"I need to thin down. I have great big dusgusting blobs of fat."
"Me too."
"Me too"
"Me too."
"And that girl over there, isn't she ugly!"
"Yeah, she is...she's too aggressive...and she got muscles too...ew."

Conversations like this are really, really common in all girl environments. Which is why I hate gym lessons. It's a constants putting themseves and others down. There's always something wrong. Something must always be fixed. It's truly exasperating.

It's very sad too. All these girls, who evidently find nothing to do or talk about except applying the male gaze to themselves, with all it's impossible standards and everything. And I know most of these girls...they are people with ambitions, strenght and great personalities...yet, it is phisical aspect which, in the end, matters the most, and which makes them so insecure.
And the majority are very conventionally pretty too...when they talk like that you can literally see the ones who vary from canonic beauty shrink and shame themselves. It's  horrible. And incredibly irritating.       

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  1. Absolutely, Dare2Believe. These conversations make for low self-esteem among teenage girls.