Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can't think of title, but something concerning gays and me arguing with an anti-gay guy.

It seems to be impossible for me to go for too long without having an argument.
Today I had a very irritating one with a friend, on gay rights and stuff. It took 30 whole minutes to achieve it, but in the end the guy aknowledged that, okay, he was wrong and I was right.
The conversation went something like this:

(C=the guy M=me)

C: That teacher's a gay bastard.
M: Don't use the word gay as an insult.
C: (rolls eyes) Again? Do you have to tell me that every single time I use gay as an insult?
M: Umm...YES.
C: But...why?
M:  (my turn to roll eyes) Because you using gay as an insult means that gayness is wrong and to be despised...and considering that gay people are actually despised-and despised is to say little-by many people, that's not very sensitive of you.
C: But being gay is wrong.
M: That's your close-minded hetero opinion.
C. I am not close minded!
M: (raise ayebrows) no?
C: God is against gays.
M: That's your close-mided, hetero, christian, right-winged opinion.
C: You make me seem like a monster. You know I'm not!
M: No?
C: (rolls eyes) Seriously, rantingteenager, imagine two men having sex. Imagine two women having sex. Now imagine a man and a woman having sex.
M: These images do not raise in me different reactions.
C:That't because you're weird!
M: That's because I'm not a bigot!
C: Are you gay?
M: I think not.
C: If gays weren't somehow wrong they wouldn't be discriminated, would they?
M: If blacks weren't somehow stupider they wouldn't have been enslaved, would they?
C: But gays can't have kids! Having sex is essentially for having kids...what's the point of having sex if you're gay?
M: So sterile people can't exist, can they? And what about people who just don't want to have are saying that the only purpose of a person on Earth is to procreate.
C:Sterile women have been destined for other things.
M: There are sterile men too.
C: Whatever.
M: And besides, if god created gays himself, and god loves all his creatutures, god loves gays. It's basic logic.
C: But gayness can be cured.
M: Cures don't work. Find me evidence that they do.
C: They showed it on tv.
M: Of course. Tv never lies! And besides, if you are forced to hear people telling you constantly that your sexual orientation is so wrong, and telling you that curing it will make you right, at some point you'll get tired of it and say you're hetero.

It went along these lines, more or less.
It's frustating how this guy was completely drowning in his own privilege. He even tried to argue that if gays had equal rights they would take over the world. Seriously?
And that if children could see, say, gay superheroes, they would become gay too. Which doesn't explain why all homosexual people don't become heterosexual, since they see so many hetero superheroes.

Some people can be just so stupid.


  1. It's very frustrating when everyone around you is being a nincompoop. I have a theory - I think each smart person HAS to deal with at least ten stupid people a day. This is Universe's conspiracy to change the SmartOne to a DumbOne.

    ~ Jaded16.
    (Don't knock. Jaded16 is always home)

  2. This kind of scenario is happening more and more around schools. Teachers or anything bad is regarded as gay. Kudos to you for setting them straight.

  3. I called my mom out for using gay as an insult. She told me she was allowed because "she has gay friends"
    I told her that wasnt a good excuse and she still shouldnt use it because *interrupted*
    She got mad and called me stupid so I left the room and wouldnt continue the conversation with her. So she got even more mad and started making fun of me for "acting like a baby" and being stupid.

    i swear, its like my mom is a 13 year old somtimes. (no offense to 13 year olds. I hope you know that I mean that kid who always has to make others feel bad even when they are wrong. You know that kid)

  4. Stuff like this happens where I go to school too. It has gotten to the point where I just roll my eyes and walk away. It is very hard to get someone to understand that being gay isn't a bad thing, especially when halfway through the argument they just say "Whatever" or "Faggot" and walk away.