Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fornarina: Fabulous Legs.

In case you can't see it, it features a thin model getting on a bus, and everyone-boys and girls-staring at her beauty. In the end she sexily offers a guy an apple.
When I first saw it, I did notice it kind of bothered me. When I saw it for the second time, I understood why. Here is a list of reasons why this ad is weird and un-nice:

1. The idea of the woman as a temptress has always been present in mysoginistic societies. The woman temps, thus it is all her fault if men rape her...she has offered them the "apple" with her sexyyy legs.

2.Bitchez, aspire to have your body objecified and stared at by complete strangers. That is great flattery.

3.Notice that at some points in the video, a (thin, conventionally pretty) woman takes a photo of the model's butt and smiles...maybe so she can dream about having one like it.

4. A guy with a conventionally pretty woman stares at the model and the woman gets mad. Lesson: You are never pretty enough, because there will always be other women wanting to steal your place.

5.Usually when I go on buses there are sweaty "ugly" people speaking too loudly on the phone, shoving you around, grumbling...old people that make you stand up and give up your place, noisy little kids singing stupid songs, pimply teenage boys trying to me macho...which results in squeezing everyone and making everyone madder. I've never been on a bus with wind blowing in your hair, "beautiful" people all dressed the same, flowers, music and so much space. But maybe that's just me.

6. And what kind of masochist would want to get on a bus wearing high heels?

Hooray tv!

P.S. And besides, those jeans are being marketed TO girls. Not to men. Since when a good way to sell stuff to women is to objectify them?


  1. This ad is so offensive. Last week I had a LONG debate erm argument with one of my cousins who insisted that as long the product is being marketed, the ad people have no responsibility. He ended up relenting his position, mainly because I threatened his life. Seriously though, it's good as long as you're speaking out. We can't let stupid ad people off that easily ;)

    ~ Jaded16
    (Don't knock. Jaded16 is always home)

  2. Um because when you objectify women your obviously showing how you NEED that product to be attractive DUH.
    -_- Wow...just wow.

    Also...taking a picture of her butt? If anyone if real life did that (and you saw them) you would be totally creeped out not flattered! So why even have that as part of the comercial?

    Do you mind if I add something onto number 4?
    (The guy with his girlfriend). Its also is saying that men will alway be looking for something better, are such pigs that they will even stare at another woman in front of you, are easily distracted by a "pretty woman" (the man with the newspaper) and (this is a bit of a stretch) aren't faithful (the guy following the woman hungrily with his eyes even though his gf is RIGHT there).

    On a last note all that make up makes her face look tired and dirty not "seductive".