Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow and election posters

It has finally stopped snowing here. Snow storms are not likeable in March- especially not when I have to stay outside for two hours. This morning I was about to throw a party for the sun's return, when I saw the weather previsions saying that it's starting again tomorrow. Please let them be wrong!

Also, can someone please explain what do pretty (-18) girls have to do with elections?
(write mambo mambo YOU are)
And mambo. What has mambo got to do with elections? I know we're talking about the far right, but this is still wrong on so many levels.
It assumes the voter is a male who is attracted to the girls and thus votes the (male) candidate...because that way he thinks he will be able to dance mambo with pretty young girls?
I don't get it. There is no political message in this poster, just rampant sexism. Or maybe that's the message?
On a positive note, at least they're dressed. That's rare. Or maybe dressed girls are sexier?
Whoever invented it must think guys are really stupid.
Also, the writing makes no sense. I'm not sure "write mambo mambo YOU are" is even grammatically correct.


P.S. Oh god (or goddess, or nonexistent being, or something), please take that snow to the poles where it's much needed and don't let the ice melt there...we in our little town will give all our cold up for them.

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