Thursday, April 1, 2010

A case of "bullying"

Yes, I have been away for a long time. My computer is near death, and my internet time diminishes every day, so I don't usually have much time left for blogging.

*trigger alert*

Anyway, I read on the newspaper lately about a horrifying episode.
A twelve year old immigrant girl was forced to have oral sex with three of her classmates. The teacher was too busy listening to other students repeating the lesson near his desk to notice. He has been justified because he says that he practices a "friendly" method of teaching. He is so friendly he doesn't want to bother some kids raping their classmate. The other kids were standing around them to prevent the teacher from seeing.
Two girls did try to stop everything, but one of the guys told them to "go away, this is grown-up stuff." So they did.

The episode came out after one day, so the principal decided to suspend all the guilty for ten days. Including the raped girl. Because evidently being a victim or an abuser is the same thing.
The teacher was suspended too.
Reportedly, the girl's mother was disgusted and the father ashamed. The girl wrote a message to her parents saying that she was sorry for the horrible thing she had done and wanted to die.

All I can say now is: this is a really fucked up world we live in. Really. Because this is not an isolated case- 7th grade classrooms can indeed easily be used as places of tortures of any kind.

And you know what? These bully rapist kids will never understand the gravity of their actions. They may do it again...after all, it's her fault too, since she was punished with them.
The other kids will consider rape as something that "just happens", it happens at school just like someone stealing your lunch, it's okay, after all.


  1. This is horrible. I have no words. You might want to check this link out ('s a video game that allows the player to disrobe and rape the girl. It's knocked me out cold.

  2. What kind of example is this for kids to follow? It's not. How will they learn from this that raping a girl - woman; as this is an adult crime - is a serious offense? They won't. As they grow, they will remember how easy it was for them to get to her to do that... what it felt like (the power they had over her) and will try it again. But, one day they will find out the hard way it is wrong and end up on the wrong side of the bars. When that day comes, they will claim that they didn't know anything.