Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear old fascists...

That is what I have wish to say to the many budding fascists invading my life and facebook page. With their links such as "Benito Mussolini: a real man, the best one Italy has ever had." and groups like "For those who are tired of dirty immigrants-fascism forever!". Oh, and the scribbles I have to see on every wall every time I get out of the door? Not pleasant.

Recently a homeless man had his skull broken by a group of teenage boys. You'd think they'd be the ones to get in trouble. Well, you're wrong. He is now in prison, because he's an illegal immigrant. The guys are free to roam the streets happily getting rid of anyone whose race is not acceptable.

The Italian costitution has an article banning the reconstruction of groups supporting fascist ideology. Funny how right leaning parties can go about saying that non-Italian people ruin Italy, that sometimes violence is the only way to go and that women are the enemy. (And Bossi, a leader of a very right leaning group, really said these things.)

Women, trouble without solution. (The title of this nice, friendly article.)


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