Monday, November 30, 2009

Bad cruel Latin

Despite attending a scientific high school-which generally means you kinda have to focus on scientific topics-I have spent the week-end studying my much loved (not) Latin lessons and Grammar stuff. *aaaargh!*

I believe that Latin lessons should be banned completely from schools.
It's a dead language, and the lessons don't include a "talking to the long-dead" part, so it's simply completely useless. I don't see why I should spend my weekend declining words (and what kind of stupid language declines words anyway?) when I could be doing interesting and useful stuff like...well, something.

Typical student faced with latin book.

Anyway, today I feel like dedicating this absolutely wonderful song to...umm, a lot of people. Enjoy Lilly Allen's genius.


  1. Latin? I didn't know there were any schools left that still taught it. Interesting. I did a few years of it at school c.1978 because I went to a grammar school. I have found it useful for figuring out what it says on Roman gravestones in museums, and the occasional ancient inscription in a church, but not for much else. Maybe if I'd got a job researching ancient history...I did like the Roman epic poetry though, when the teacher got round to it. Some of it's a good yarn. Do you get to study anything like that?

  2. therantingteenagerDecember 1, 2009 at 7:30 AM

    Every school in Italu HAS to teach Latin. It has to do with knowing our roots or something. And I have no idea if we will ever get to studying Roman epic...we've been on grammar and stuff for two years now...

  3. I had to take Latin too, and I'm English! The idea being you could read really old books in the original language.

    Latin was the de facto language of the western world before English.... bleh bleh bleh.

    I'm studying to be a doctor, know too much ancient Greek as well =/