Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cute male models

Today I was web-surfing and I casually stumbled on this site, which is full of naked cute male models and dressed female ones.
You can go check out the pictures if you want. Definitely not safe for work, or school, or parents.

Anyway, as you have probably noticed, this is an exception to the rule. The naked woman and dressed man is the standard.
Oh, and the guys in this service all look sad or striken, while usually naked women are all smiley and oh-so-happy to be at your service. Which is kind of strange if you ask me.

The girl in the photos has a kind of striken look too. Well, I could barely glace at her, really, so I hardly care about her expression. :p

What do you think about this kind of stuff. Do you think it helps even things up, or it's just objectifyng cute male models?

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't quite sure. I mean it's a different take, no smiles and they actually have hair. But, the marketers still got what they draw you in with sexy people. But it worked haha. So I can't really object.