Monday, November 16, 2009

When even a google image search is racist

Have you ever tried typing "Michelle Obama" in a google image search? This is the first image you will get:

The first thoughts I had about, representation of Michelle Obama are:
  • It is racist.
  • Whoever created it doesn't have half an inch of creativity. Black people resemble monkeys! Hahahahaha! Sure never heard this one before.
  • Why is it on the first page?!
Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised that pictures like this exist. We know very well that the world is racist. I just can't believe it actually ended up on the first page. Do people click on it so my much? Why? Well, I know I did because I wanted to see what kind of stupid website would put on such a picture.

I would like to know what the thoughts of a little black girl would be when faced with such a caricature. I guess not very pleasant.

I am sure some other bloggers have already talked about this. I certainly hope so.

1 comment:

  1. You know, for every famous person out there, there's going to be some idiot dork who's got a butt-ugly picture of them (or something that they think resembles them). So, don't worry about the idiots who do it; they are insecure and low and are just trying to get a rise out of the rest of us.