Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hateful image keeps popping up on tv

Evidently someone thought there was nowhere better to write the name of a tv program than on a girl's butt.

And they keep advertising for it during the Simpsons, in case I just wanted to laugh and forget that I shouldn't be watching tv and letting my butt grow unappropriate for name writing. Also, you're all little sex objects, bitchez.

I can't believe how much gratuitious sexism tv can dish out every day. Stuff like this alredy is bad enough, add to it hideous advertising and asshole shows...not a women-friendly enviroment.
In fact, only white hetero man can watch some tv without feeling horrible..the rest can just go fuck themselves.


  1. ew,like half her butt is haning out in those shorts

  2. *Rolls eyes* I hate this kind of thing being shoved in our faces all the time. It's telling us: 'Hey wear this and men will think you're sexy'... blech!

    In Australia, we have 'The Biggest Losers' on television. Okay, I added an 's'. But they have been dissecting calories upon calories and pushing these poor people to limit until they puke all in the name of 'looking good' and 'keeping the fat away'. Then, they go and eliminate one or two of them; which makes those who have to leave feel horrible because they feel as though they haven't accomplished anything! And their main sponsor is...... a pizza company! Yep! The very same kind of company that made them humongous in the first place!

    Fat, skinny, too many clothes, too little... no matter what we do, nobody is ever pleased with what we all do with ourselves. So, what happens when we look at ourselves in the mirror? We are never happy with what we have. No wonder we're self-destructive.

  3. It sucks but Wall Street thinks sex sells. American television is tame compared to the rest of the world, but if I had kids, I wouldn't want them watching TV. Too much sex and violence. And just cause I want to say this, Jerry Springer Show sucks big time!