Friday, November 13, 2009

Mysoginist TV

There is a very popular program that goes on every night at nine o' clock and which my little sister loves. That is not good news to me. See what kind of thing goes on every ten minutes:

Another much loved, much watched program:

Or this:

Children are watching 9 p.m. They may just as well put on a porn movie and get done with it.

I'm sick and tired of women being potraied only as stupid sex dolls, only as objects of desire, never as the ones who desire theselves. It's always the same stereotype: male guy wearing elegant-but-casual clothes and near naked female. Always. I'd rather not see any of this at all on a quiz show, but not even one half-naked guy, huh? What about my sexual desire? Doesn't it have to be satisfied?
Talk about inequality.


  1. Those are game shows? Lol I thought the one was an opening to a porn movie, another was either that or a hooker auction and the last...well that one seemed most game show like. But maybe like a "name that porno" or "can you answer questions while being seduced by a naked chick"
    But I think I have one to beat that. Theres this show called "the internation sexy lady show" and all it is is a bunch of clips (from around the world) taken from different countries shows and movies (some porn, some game shows, some internet vids). And all the clips contain are near naked girls doing stupid or pointless things (like trying to start cars or pushing their breasts up against a window). Ive noticed this show comes on a couple times a day at varius time slots.

  2. Jeez! Haven't any of those women heard of putting on their clothes over their underwear? Hey? That's all they found in their dressing rooms? Well, what a shocking way to get people to watch a game show.

    Here in Australia, a show like that would be put on at a very late hour or axed after the first show!