Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've shaved!

Because I'm feeling all weird, I just have to inform the world about this little piece of news...the reassuring hairyness of my legs is gone.

The nice and comfortable before:

Thea after much screaming after: legs feel so bald and naked now. I hate them.                                                                


  1. wow, i always feel better after shaving.But then again, you are new to it

  2. gasp! Why? why did you shave? If you loved your hairy legs so much why change them?

  3. 0.o Why did you do it? If you felt comfortable with your legs they way they were before? Believe me, I had hairy legs from when I was very young... and found out very young that kids can very mean... but Mum pushed me to shave them. It took THREE DAYS for anyone to notice that I had done it! And after all the kids at my high school bugging the crap out of me to shave my legs in the first place too! The problem with this is that once you shave, you have to keep doing it; and then when it gets cold, you freeze your butt off because you don't have the extra lot of hair on your legs to keep you warm.

    You should have stayed with what you wanted to do. It's not always good to go to what every pushes you do to. Remember that it's your body and your decision what you want to do with it.

  4. Mozette is right. However, if you don't like shaving them, why do you do it, even if you are getting in that habit?