Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And, Especially, She Is Pretty.

Today I was watching the news. That is not a good idea if you don't want to get mad at the world.
Here are the charming "news" you get on Italia1, the most popular channel in Italy:

1.Female tennis player wins tennis match! Great victory for feminists worldwide. She has a wonderful butt! (Close up to her butt). Look what a physique! (Shot of her in bikini.) (Shot of her in bikini) (close up to her breasts) (close up to her butt.) Yes, she is beautiful.

2.Future Miss Universe contestant is an army officer. (Shot of her wearing an army suit.) Beautiful and tough. (Shot of her in bikini) Prefer her in bikini? We understand you. (Male gaze, anyone?).Let's just hope the job doesn't spoil her...we want her good for the contest!

3.Flu! The new epidemy! (Scary horror movie music) The deaths in Italy....(TUM!) Toscana: -number (TUM!) Sicilia: -number etc. etc.

4.New edition of famous reality show "Big Brother"! Truly hot moments....don't miss it!

5.Interview with celebrity.

6.Story of a crime, with all the suspensful music and horror movie-like effects.

I was just wondering about the economy and stuff, but you know, all people care about is sex and blood, right?


  1. Your blog is cool ! Just try to add more pictures and a bit more excitement - Also , post a link on Gurl.com , Facebook , and other sites to get more followers :)

  2. Italia1? Well, it sounds similar to most new stations. I knew there was a reason why we don't watch tv...