Monday, November 9, 2009

Sexist gym.

Today is Monday, which means back to school for yet another tiresome week (sigh). It also means two wholen gym periods...(double sigh).

We have separate gyms for boys and girls at my school (and every other school in this town, except the Catholic one , because it wants to prove its modernization. And besides, it doesn't have space for another gym.)
We have been given a good explanation for that. You see, they wouldn't want those delicate little girls to hold back the strong manly guys, would they? And besides, being always confronted with people better than them, the girls might lose their self esteem! Everyone knows they already have confidence issues anyway.
Also, the guy's gym stinks, because, you know, boys aren't capable of keeping spaces clean. And girls would be disgusted by such manly displays of non-hygenic habits.

But what really bothers me are the tools contained in the different gyms. Being completely incapable of dancing, I couldn't care less about an all-round surround sound sistem (yeah, I like listening to the music, but it stops there).
Guess what the boys have instead of the music? A climbing wall. Three climbing walls, actually: a strange ropey one, a tall one, and the Very Difficult one. Did I mention I love climbing? Nah, can't be, I'm a girl. Girls don't climb, they don't like to run, they don't want to get dirty or sweaty and ruin their hair/make-up/perfect outfit. Except if they're lesbians, of course.
And obviously boys don't want to do something as girlish as dancing. Duh, of course not! They only dance if forced by those cruel, cruel girls.

This really frustates me, you know. Also considering that a great many of my friends are guys, and most of my, um...non-friends? are girls.

Add this to the reasons I hate school, please.

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  1. The way I see it the separate gyms could be a good thing. When I took gym all the girls would dress extremely skimmpy and prance around trying to act sexy. While the boys would judge, rate, and google at them. This made the (non-slut/popular) girls feel very objectivfied and self concious (since we got judged and rated too). But the gyms should have equal equipment and activities. That part is fucking sexist!
    Lol Then again I was always on the boys teams (I was/am a kick ass goalie and tackler)
    (oh and this is the chick from "I Dont Eat My Friends" Blog link exchange?)